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Dust Mites (Carpet Cleaning)

You might not know that we offer Carpet Cleaning. You also might not know that your carpet acts like a giant filter to help reduce dust, feces, bacteria and other harmful substances floating in the air you breath. However, like all filters, when the filter gets full, it needs to be emptied and the way to do that is to get your carpets cleaned regularly. If your carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis (recommended every 6-12 months) your carpet will become saturated with tiny bugs called dust mites.

Dust mites feed on the dust that is collected in your carpets. White this bug is not harmful the bacteria it produces can be harmful to you and your family. If you let us clean your carpets your home will be cleaner, and incidentally will be a much healthier environment for you and your family.






Termites Home Protection Plan

If you use our general pest control service, your home is covered for pretty much every type of pest in the area except Termites, and Bedbugs.

Did you know that in the Midwest 7 out of 10 homes will sustain termite damage unless they are treated. Also most insurance policies do not cover termite damage and repair cost for severe termite damage can be thousands of dollars. Now WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU. However its best to face the facts, and a real termite threat is a fact of the midwest. What we are trying to do is help you! At midwest we offer a termite treatment that covers the cost of any termite treatment should your home be attacked.



Termites Treatment

If you have termites or if you THINK you might have termites give us a call. The longer you wait to treat termites the worse the situation will become. We will start by offering you a inspections. We will diagnose whether you have termites or not and then we will share with you the best treatment options.

Termites are only a hassle if you don’t have Midwest in your corner. Call us today.